Frustrated with BLOCS

I just want to say how much I love blocs and the community. I have built over 50 sites using Blocs but lately It seems that development has slowed. I know the development team is small and works hard but it seems crucial items are not being focused on. I see a new shapes bric in the store which to me is a waste of time when we still don’t have a descent recaptcha option for contact forms. It’s been over a year since 3.0 and peoples wish list items are being ignored. Is money the issue? I would be happy to donate to the cause. I know they say its coming soon but you can go back almost 2 years and read posts that say things are coming but nothing happens. We were told wordpress last July, and we are now almost in Feb and It just keeps being put off. I see feature updates monthly on other website builders so my question is how can we help speed up the process. Sorry if I sound ungrateful but blocs needs a little push!

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If you have built over 50 sites I would say you have certainly had your money’s worth in buying Blocs. There were 150 new features added to Blocs 3 in 2019 and a whole lot more

On the recaptcha side I believe there was a third party bric for that and I think Google changed something that rendered it useless. As mentioned in another thread I’ve had zero problem with contact form spam on any of my sites, so I think there must be some other factor involved here.

The reason Wordpress has been delayed is because it was originally intended as a paid add-on and now it is being incorporated directly into Blocs from what Norm said in another thread. We also have Volt now, which Norm was also involved with.

I actually like the fact there has recently been a concentration on making Blocs as stable as possible. When I am working on client websites with a deadline that’s the one feature I value above all others.


But you are ignoring the fact many of the features that have been asked for, over the last few years have also been added.

You make it sound like nothing is happening, It’s just not true, what you are saying is very misleading.

What you are actually saying is, the features I want personally are not there yet. That’s cool, you have every right to say that. But to make out that Blocs development is in some way stagnant is just not true, at all.


Hey @cableguy30 rather than make this a potentially negative thread. Let’s turn it around.

What essential features do you feel you miss in Blocs that you’ve been waiting for since the release of v3.

I’ll try to shed some light on them and at what stage of development they are at.


I was not active for a longer time here. I would stand @Norm side. Since i know hard is to have everything done what community asks.

My two cents to my problems (working every day with blocs). That My Blocs projects are still crashing when i click save. I think it has something with brick amount on one page. Particular with our press page (

The second thing is that i would love to see on list tabs. When you are adding a new tab i would see it on the first place or if its in the last place and i move it to a first one. I would love that active status of that tab change to a first in a row.

To go back on crash, I needed to make a second project only for press part. Since it can not stand the amount of the pages in project. I know that i have send my project to Norm. But sometimes it doesn’t crash the crash everytime. So not sure why! And that’s the only issue that pi… me really :smiley:

I’m really grateful for how Blocs keeps getting better with each upgrade. I would say not all upgrades are what certain people want. I think this is true with any program. Blocs locks up rarely for me, and considering everything that it now does in the background that’s pretty amazing.

I can’t image what it takes for the Blocs team to even stay up with changing technology, let alone continue on improving Blocs.

Thank you!


Well said :slight_smile:

I’m grateful for Blocs. Without it I’m not designing websites on my terms, attempting to be creative outside the box of other more proprietary web design applications. I’ve also tried several other apps only to head back to Blocs given the overall quality of the tool. Presuming that Blocs is handled by a small team, I’ve been impressed with the growth of the feature set, attention to user feedback and general evolution of the application. 3.4.3 did away with many of the smaller structural issues that got in the way of my work flow. I look forward to diving back into the app and providing feedback soon.


I am so looking forward to the WordPress update! I also bought Solis from you!
May 2020 be happy, healthy & productive for you.

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I’ve just started to use Blocs and bought it yesterday, and already it has crashed. I would usually say that isn’t a problem as I’m saving my work each and every step, but when I reopened my project, and made some changes (saving each step), and then closed the app… when I reopened it, my changes were nowhere to be found. It is extremely disappointing and frustrating that I can’t depend on the app not to lose my work.

Hi Stephen,

Sorry to hear Blocs crashed during saving, Are you saving to an external drive or icloud?

Hi Norm, thanks for the reply. Most appreciated. I continued using Blocs for the following couple days without incident. I tend to “ride” the CMD+S keys like a madman and make multiple versions as i go along.

I’m not saving to an external drive nor do I use iCloud, but I do use Dropbox both for saving and export. Do you think that could be the problem? It only happened once, and contrary to my original post, I believe I am in love with your app. Every time I look to see if it can do something, I’m amazed to find out how feature packed Blocs is. And thank you for the software update yesterday. Everything is running great.

I’ve been creating web sites since 1994 or so, and this is by far the most intuitive and fastest way to put together a comprehensive and beautiful web site. You are to be commended.


I’m glad you’re finding Blocs a good match. Thanks for all the kind feedback :+1:

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