FTP built into Blocs 3


Hope this feature will be added along with a file check so we can make changes and just publish. Saves a lot of time…

Ftp Question

I really don’t see this happening, but I could be wrong. There are many great FTP programs and I think Blocs is focusing just on web design.



The program I use is CyberDuck. Plus its free.


This has been discussed frequently, but I’m reminded of Rapidweaver that has been plagued with publishing and FTP issues for years, even after 8 expensive version upgrades… Just like Casey said there are some great FTP apps out there and some have automated sync features, where you can simply export the contents and let the FTP app do everything in the background.


Not sure it’s a good idea. Keep the Blocs as simple as it is.


I totally agree Eldar.
You can use Cyberduck as a free program.
Forklift or ChronoSync are paid programs.
I use ChronoSync for almost 10 years now and never regretted it.


Keep it simple. If an FTP function is added to Blocs then there will be a high volume of users who will blame Blocs because they have not configured or understood what they need to do.


No plans right now. Totally focused on the design aspects, features and controls.


@Eldar, I use Filezilla and find it very easy and fast. Plus it’s also free.


Yeah! I have used FiliZilla, Cyberduck, and recently Yummy FTP Pro (got it when it was free :slight_smile: ), and any of these apps work perfectly fine for me.


As a SoftPress Freeway Pro user, I can attest to the merits of a built-in FTP client. All I need to do is click the File menu and choose Upload. Freeway manages the generated files and knows what’s already been uploaded. It’s great.


Softpress always had a good grip on FTP and I had very few issues. On the other hand, I completely gave up on Rapidweaver for FTP and even their publishing to a local folder can be flaky, so I learned to use and love Yummy FTP Pro that includes professional features. Overall I wouldn’t want the inclusion of an FTP client to become a diversion from more important functions when there are plenty of capable FTP options available, both free and paid.


Many other apps have it…just staying…it’s a great convenience…Dreamweaver, Muse, mobirise (with Bootstrap 4 and amp including lots of built ins) Wordpress …I wonder how many potential users of Blocs see these posts for feature requests and go elsewhere? Blocs has such a nice interface for the most part. Access to classes imo is a little clumsy but works. Critism isn’t meant to be an attack just a desire for the features some of us would like.


@Flashman well said.


As excellent professional FTP Apps are available for free, there is no real point adding such a feature to Blocs other than to tick a box in a meaningless product comparison table. If anyone chooses another App over Blocs on the basis that Blocs doesn’t have an FTP facility, then they have missed the whole point of Blocs.


The feedback provided in this forum will surely be the driving force behind future Blocs updates. I believe that Blocs-which is still in its relative infancy-will just get better and better over time. I’m anxious to see what the Blocs developer team has accomplished in v3!


I believe it’s probably likely that at some point we’ll see this feature added to Blocs. But there are so many things on my wish list I’d rather see first. I’m content for now to use one of the many free FTP apps available.


It’s areas like this we feel are more important than FTP at present.


You can say that again :wink:


Thx for making my point.