FTP Client Forklift for 8$


If it interests someone, the FTP client Forklift is now available for 8$


For me Forklift and Transmit are the best FTP Clients for the Mac. To be complete, the best free FTP Client in my opinion is Filezilla.


Even for free if you get it from the Apple Mac Store. (Previous version, but will do for use with blocs files)


…err so why suggest we spend $8?


My favourite is Yummy FTP Pro. If you keep an eye out they occasionally run flash sales for a day where you can pick it up for a dollar or so.


Forklift is a very powerful and useful FTP File browser but with a great deal more. It has a useful dual pane Finder window with excellent file rename and App uninstall. However, it’s best feature is a 3rd pane that you can use to do live edits of txt and SVG files on your sever in addition to using the 3rd pane as a preview pane for remote images. IMHO it’s good value at full price and $8 very well spent.