FTP Menu bar app idea. Anybody interested?


I don’t think FTP is a pressing issue for most blocsapp users and I wonder if there’s enough interested people to make it worthwhile. Many of us use FTP for more than transferring blocs sites, so I’m really unsure why we would need this tool.

There is another blocsapp user/developer offering an FTP-friendly solution coupled with hosting, but again I’m not convinced the blocsapp community has a segment large enough to make that viable.

Maybe I’m wrong!


@pauland In another forum thread:

I took that as a subtle hint begging Norm not to add an FTP client in Blocs.


It wasn’t, but how about this: Norm please don’t waste time on an FTP client… :wink:


As nice as the idea is, there are so many existing FTP solutions that vary from free to reasonably priced full feature FTP apps that there is no need for such a function that I can see.

FTP apps are wonderful right up to the point that the transfer doesn’t work and then there can be a high expectation of support required. I would say leave it to the established FTP apps already out there.


There’s an interesting question here:

Is blocsapp so user-friendly for technologically-naive users that there’s a large core of blocsapp users who struggle to use a dedicated FTP program?

I don’t think that’s the case, though it may be for a few.


When I think about clients not one has managed to set up their own email client after completing a website. In most cases I have had to visit their offices to help set up their computers and phones one, by one… If that same level of computer skills were transferred to FTP I have little difficulty believing many would struggle.

I have a website where I set up a link to a PDF file on Google drive, having concluded the client couldn’t manage with CMS. All they have to do is keep the same file name, then update it by dragging in a new version. They’ve never yet managed and send me an email with the attachment every time, which usually has the wrong file name. I find it hard to grasp that a large percentage of people are so clueless with computers in 2019.


Ok guys! No need for FTP.

Anybody is missing something that can help him with the Blocs?


A radical overhaul in the SEO options. This could be done by a bric or two. Something like this https://docs.joeworkman.net/rapidweaver/stacks/foundation/layout/seo-helper-basic-setup


Some users will probably like the idea of simple CMS built specifically for Blocs.


That is definitely needed, though I know of one that is already being developed for Blocs.


@Flashman Which one?


@Eldar Can you describe a bit more what you mean?


I would for sure. :grinning:


@webplus has already announced on the forum that he he is developing a CMS. circleCMS Preview


When it comes to CMS I like the Blocs simplicity. I prefer it’s generating static sites that are fast. CMS needs server backend processing and thats a different story.

If I need a CMS functionality I use Wordpress with Elementor and e.g. Astra theme. This whole combination is extremely configurable and free.


I would be interested :slight_smile:


Since FileZilla can be used on various operating systems and it’s Free why not contact the developers and implement it into Blocs 3. Once they see how great Blocs 3 is and take notice of it’s huge customer base perhaps they will say Yes.
It will save anyone from hours of work and the headache to come.