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because the many discussions around CMS systems and more and more people asking me, on what I am working, here a simple preview of the CMS, which I will release in some months. I am open to suggestions and if some people imagine a completely other solution, it should be mentioned in the forum, so other developers can create something on the needs of this part of the community.

Blocs 3.1 Beta Build 6
FTP Menu bar app idea. Anybody interested?

Would like to see an option on there where after changes are made in the CMS they can be incorporated back into the .bloc file and open in Blocs. Will that be coming after it’s released?



I have seen this request a few times lately, here is another recent mention:

But I’m not certain Blocs currently has the internals to handle such a back and forth workflow, I could be incorrect however? @norm?


Is there going to be an option for you to design a complete website on blocs, wrap some contents and all you have to do is edit those contents in the CMS?


@webplus I watched your video with some interest and it is clear that this looks promising.

However, having created more CMS web sites than I can remember, I would never use a CMS like this because of the Editor. End users should never be allowed access to the multitude of edit options and the image entry will be too much for all but the most web design savvy end users. Give an end user to option the capability to use rainbow coloured text and add a picture of their cat and they will do exactly that.

IMHO end users should only be allowed to enter plain text that has all html code and MS Word formatting etc, automaticaly stripped from it and the text is then displayed on the final web page using the styling set by the Blocs users.

Images should only be allowed to be entered after some auto size and dimension checking and then displayed to fill the container created by the Blocs user.

The irony with so many CMS solutions is that they all use an expensive editor written many years ago when all that is really needed is a simple to create plain text editor.

I think that if you can use a simple edit and a separate way to enter images, from an end user point of view you will have a very good solution.


Hello @danielk, in a first version, this will not be integrated, but I hope that with the evolvement of the Blocs API this will be possible one day.


@Blocs_User, this was my initial idea, but after some tests, I realised, that Norm has to make a lot of changes to get something like this working. So you are right, this is actually not possible, but as we all know @Norm, I am convinced one day it will be possible :smiley:

@kwakukwaku, no this will not be possible, because when you then after some months make changes again in Blocs and upload these a second time, all the changes which were made by the cms were lost again. I think this only make sense the day were a sync feature will be possible.

@webdeersign In general I agree with you, but my clients don’t :wink: . Mee too I used already a lot of different cms solutions for over 100 client websites. It certainly depends on the region and mentality of the people, but trying before 2 year introducing markdown to my clients, was a disaster for me. It is why you can select in the core CMS options which edit options you need for a specific client. A basic word and excel “cleaning” is integrated. An automatic image resizing functionality will come when Norm has introduced a needed feature to the Blocs API. Your idea with the image which is only interchangeable without changing the size is a good idea, but I think for this I will create a separate bric. Thank you very much for your constructive feedback.


Some seriously good points! It is so important that we limit the offering to the client who will just play with all the settings, font-styles, etc… and make a mess! And things are more complicated nowadays with the edited content having to work across several breakpoints so the less the better!


@webplus Thank you for sharing the video
Circle CMS looks like a promising product for those who use CMS. By you the way when do you plan on releasing this?

For me, I don’t quite understand its full use, but I’ll get there. The one thing I can see is when a client wants to do a blog on his own site he would log, design and create a blog there. Once that’s done we would then give or link a URL to those who read the blog.
If anyone has any good understandable videos of the purposes and uses for CMS please share.


Hello @KBConcepts,

thank you, I plan to release it in the first half of 2019.

A CMS system allows you or your client to change some predefined text or images without opening Blocs. For example if you create a website for a client and the client wants to change a specific area of the website e.g. text or images. An example were a place where the daily menu is shown on a restaurant website. These changes clients in general would make by themselves. An other example is if you own Blocs, but on the go you want to change some predefined areas of your website with your phone or tablet, e.g. you would change some images on your website while traveling without your Macbook. There are a lot more examples. Hope this gives you an idea, for what using a CMS system?


I just really hope we have a easy way to implement a blog via CMS.


@webplus you did a really good job explaining the purpose of CMS. I was pretty clear. I’m a little confused because Blocs works without code, so when you design circle CMS are you saying anyone with Blocs will be able to edit it without Blocs?
Regardless of sounds like a really cool ability for the client to use.


@KBConcepts, yes , but only predefined areas will be editable by anyone having a modern browser and the login password :wink: You can not edit the whole design of the website like this. At second 27 of the video, you se that a CMS Content Bric is placed. This area later will be editable using a browser. (So without using Blocs)


Hi Claude,

Thank you for the clear explanation on CMS! I hope the development process for circleCMS goes well.

I will never be using any CMS platforms with Blocs-made websites myself, but it would be amazing to have a solution which is dead-simple, but stable and has no compatibility issues.

The biggest problem I have with October CMS, Pulse CMS or others (I am sure both of these solutions are great) are endless compatibility issues. It feels like after each update, there is something broken, and although it might be related to the mistakes of users, I am sure there are always some things that need to be fixed by either @norm or the developers of CMSs.

I just hope that your main goal for circleCMS will be making it not as feature rich as possible, but as stable and as easy to use as possible. And, of course, always working with the latest version of Blocs.



@Eldar Circle is obviously still in development, however I think the big difference is that Circle will be exclusively for Blocs and no doubt Claude will be using it on his own client’s sites as well. There may well be bugs at times and not necessarily caused by Circle, but Claude is in a good place to fix them quickly.

I agree completely with your general point though about compatibility issues with these other CMS and the current situation with reported issues is frankly not good enough. Like many others I am frustrated by the current CMS situation, because I want to use Blocs for all my work, rather than going to another app if a CMS is required.


Well, I wish Good Luck to Claude! I would be happy if we have an issues-free CMS option built for Blocs, which I could recommend to people.


Me too!! I want to see what Claude is able to produce at the end of this.

The frustrating part for me is that there are half a dozen CMS I could use in Rapidweaver, but I hate going back & forth between Blocs and Rapidweaver, because they are so different and Blocs is just a better working experience in general. The irony in all this is that most clients who want to update their own sites are the ones who should be tied up and never let near a website.


It sounds like there are no trouble free CMS programs! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You have one Blocs user who has developed a business model around that very concept or is perhaps that he feels this is the only option at present?


Thanks I’ll check it out. Do you know anyone who using it with Blocs?