Ftp of blocs in godaddy

How do I upload a file of blocs to godaddy by ftp and how do I put it in the folder or what do I have to do to put it online?

You simply export the project to a local folder, then use the FTP settings provided by your web host to make a connection through an FTP client like Forklift. After logging in you drag the items to the server, which copies them to that location and you should have a website online.

That’s the basic idea, but on a side note I would really avoid GoDaddy. There are far, far better web hosts.


What server would you recommend?

Thank you very much for your comment

I am in the UK and use a web host called Guru for my own sites and also clients. They are very reliable and helpful, though perhaps more aimed at experienced users. They use fast LiteSpeed cloud servers with a 100% uptime guarantee.

In general you want to have servers that are close to where your visitors are, so if you were based in the UK but your visitors were mainly from the US you might want to consider a web host in the US, however there are many factors involved.

I have various web clients who have come to me after registering a domain at Godaddy and they seem to operate with high pressure sales. Many have taken out unnecessary plans for Office 365 that cost them a lot of money, then it seems they have a ridiculous complicated situation for SSL certificates.

There have been other issues as well and I lose a lot of time cleaning up problems created by GoDaddy. I don’t think their servers are particularly great and I’ve even read reports that they were adding code to customer websites. It’s just so much easier to avoid that kind of thing.

I’ve in the last year migrated to A2 hosting. It’s based in the US. But I’ve had better results with them than more local providers.

It could be that your local providers are behind on technology with slower networks. The idea of having a web host based closer to your users is just a general one. Assuming all else is equal it should lead to reduced latency.

For @macceellee here is a documentation link on using FTP https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/publish-site-to-web/

The second I started reading this thread that’s the very first thing that I was thinking :wink: