Full page Slider

Is there a way to create a hero slider? I have tried using the carousel feature but it doesn’t make it full width. I have tried adding separate classes for this but with no luck. If there is no way is there a way to embed a 3rd party slider. Client really wants a full page slider. So basically a Hero Slider for Homepage


Yes you can, select the brick and make it full width, then the slider on it will be the same width.
The only issue from this slider is that you have to use only images, you can’t combine text or icons.

You can also use a 3d party slider with the html widget. drop it inside the brick and paste the code iframe code there

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@Norm It would be great to have a text slider in blocs.


@Norm an overdue bloc slider that you can place a navigation hehe :slight_smile:

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I do agree!

  • 1 here. Good for feedback and comm