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Hi Everyone,

Just mulling over what is most desired by the community and what I should focus on. Could everyone vote on which ONE of these they would BUY if I made it:

  • • Simple Email Form Captcha (No Google)
  • • Simple Blog
  • • Simple Table Grid Layout

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On my Letter I write to Santa at xmas it’s always at the first place a nice blog bric for blocs!:santa::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What is “Table Grid Layout”? You mean something to make creation of “tabular data” tables easier? Or are you strictly speaking about “layout” in general? Blocs already has a 12-column wide grid, so I am wondering how it would help for general layout. Thanks.

Hi @JDW,

Yes I was thinking of you and your desire for responsive tables :wink:
Obviously, the blog idea is going to win for the time being.


I’m afraid I don’t know how to cast a vote. If simply posting casts a vote, then I cast 10 votes toward the best of the 3 ideas – responsive tables. :innocent:

For now, I build them manually, but it’s hellaciously slow. Also, you can’t do the same things to these tables that you can with a regular table tool used in other web design apps (like Freeway) or even your basic word processor. Tabular data is hugely important, and I’m rather surprised there weren’t more votes for it. Then again, I don’t know how to vote, so perhaps that blocked other votes. Also, if I needed clarification on what you originally meant, no doubt others did too. So I shall help these good people further by showing a built-in-Blocs web page that has a large table on my website here:


Scroll down, as the table is lower in the page. I suggest every test this page on a desktop browser so you can see how I designed it. I didn’t know how to make it collapse in a way that would temporarily hide columns, so I just hide what I deemed “comparatively less important” columns in certain breakpoints. And on the XS breakpoint, some important column info had to be hidden, so I present a little iPhone icon and a note that smartphone users can click a link to get a PDF of the full table. It would be ideal to have a nicely collapsable table that lets the user click to expand collapsed columns, but again, I don’t know how to do that easily (or even at all) in Blocs, hence my current implementation. But that implementation took may DAYS to build. In contrast, my original web page was build in Freeway, albeit NOT responsive, and the table tool in that app allowed me to build it in a couple hours, not days. Therein lies the fundamental difference and perhaps is why most of you Blocs users haven’t implemented big tabular data tables in your websites like I have. In my case, I have no choice. So an easier means of building this tables in Blocs is really a must for the sake of time and productivity. Honestly, I still have much more of my site to rebuild in Blocs, and another site to do as well, but I just don’t have the time that Blocs requires to do it. It’s a LOT of work.


None of these.
I’ll gladly buy a PayPal module, complete in functions and with a good design.
And I would gladly pay up to 30 euros.

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