FYI - Pixelmator Pro on sale

Pixelmator Pro v2 is 50% off at present. Could be a good time to pick it up. Not sure how long its on sale for?

I was a Pixelmator user from day one of launch. I ditched Photoshop that day. I haven’t used the pro version though, but I might now.


Well, designers are not accountants :grin:. Was $34.99 = $19.99 makes 50% discount :thinking:.
I’m using it a lot as super easy to work with.


Its showing up as $34.99 NZD which seems right for me. Makes it about the price I paid for the original Pixelmator lol.

I was a Pixelmator user from day one also. Its been one of the best editing tools I have ever used.

Last year I made the move to Pixelmator Pro and it is so much better !!! simple things like re-sizing canvas and changing colours etc are so much simpler - the design will take a while to get used to and sometimes for speed I do grab the original pixlemator as I tend to find things quicker - but Pixelmator Pro is 100% worth it.

I also use Affinity Designer too, which gives me good options on editing EPS files which I convert for pixlemator !

Yeah I use Affinity Designer every day. I also have Affinity Photo, but I haven’t spent much time learning it - I usually jump into Pixelmator because I know it :wink:

Which is on sale as well! A ‘real’ 50% discount.


@Jerry Apple Insider (where I found out about the sale) stated Pixelmator Pro is normally $39.99, now $19.99.

US Store. :upside_down_face:

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:rofl: :rofl:

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Thanks for the heads up Pete, always good to know about a light weight bit-map based utility that is easy to use and gets the job done. Any idea of innovative and easy to use animation apps for both bit maps and vectors?