Get all bex files in the extension manager

Is it possible to get all already installed bex files in the extension manager so it is more easy to see if there are updates?

Until now I also open these bex files with blocs, but then you don’t see them in the extension manager

Updates and notifications are much improved in Blocs but there are two steps that should help you. First update to 3.4.3, which has further enhancements and secondly reinstall all your custom brics if you have not done so already. There was a bug in the extension manager that was fixed a couple months ago, however it required existing custom brics to be deleted and reinstalled to take effect.

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Thanks for your quick answer @Flashman

So what is the best way to remove all first?

They can be deleted one by one inside the bric builder found under the developer menu. After deleting them I would restart Blocs, then reinstall the brics and finally restart Blocs again before use. N.B Make sure you have copies all the bex files for custom brics before starting this.