Global Additional Meta Tags or Other Partials

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Blocs and wonder if there is a way to include additional html code as a partial in the header section of the page via the “Header File Attachments” other than via the “Add Code” currently.

Use Case:
Want to add a set of additional meta tags in the header of each page that a bit more scalable and easier to manage instead of copy and paste via the “Add Code” feature every time.

Just found out the answer to my own question after digging around a bit.
For those looking to do the same thing, it looks like there is an option to attach globally to the project / every pages. :partying_face:

  1. Open Code Editor via Window > Code Editor
  2. Select Project - Header in the top right dropdown
  3. Add your custom code![blocs-global-attach|690x436]