Global Block

A Global Bloc or Bric that can be used in the Dynamic area of any page, that when edited, reflects across all instances of the Bloc or Bric across the site.

Use cases:

  • Price list
  • Important notice
  • Call to Action
    …Any item that is shown on more than one page

Making editing more efficient, not having to change it on every single page.

Webflow call them ‘Symbols’.


This is a great idea and one if its not in a bric, could be implanted into Blocs - @Norm - maybe this could be something to bring into Blocs?

I remember using another platform and they had the same type of things.

So if I did this in Blocs it would work like:

  • Open the Global Bric which could be like a DIV, and place the bric i want inside.

  • I edit the bric, and as @simonclay has said, do a price list, maybe a latest offers list

  • That first one would have a unique ID I would give it like: Clearance

  • I would then duplicate this throughout the website and the bric with the same ID would change on each page.

On my old website a few years ago I would have equipment say for example a speaker I would hire out, If this speaker needed replacing with an image of a new one and text as we no longer had the old one, i would change it on one page and all the pages that had the image of that speaker in would change - it was great and so so simple.

Taking this method further - is this something maybe Jannis @Jannis could bring into Volt? - would be so simple for the client to change then.

Isn’t the structure already in place with headers and footers in their global areas? - so this should be made possible to bring in other areas…I hope !


Already now you’re able to add a Volt CMS Content bric in the global footer area, visible on all pages.


Hi Jannis,

I am thinking of this globally on webpages not in the header and footer - so in the middle of a page, and make this a global item?

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Well, you’re able to specify the content name by yourself. With this you are able to reuse the same Volt CMS content bric on different pages.


While that is true and a very easy way to achieve this if you already have Volt CMS, it might be a bit of an investment to purchase Volt CMS solely for that reason. I do agree, that a simple global bric sounds like a jolly good idea.

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I like Volt CMS, but Global Brick, or whatever it might be called, is something I have been dreaming about for a long time. It would be very helpful.


Thanks people. Yes, Volt CMS would a little overkill for this instance.

But Global Bloc would be an efficient timesaver!

Currently I am getting round it by writing custom html files, eg: price-list.html, including it in Project Attachments, then pulling it into any page with a Code Widget containing: <?php include 'blocs-includes/price-list.html';?>


Thanks Adie, the hired speaker use case is a great example :slight_smile:

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This was talked about some time ago. I think it would be great. I also use another system that allows you to create a “bloc” and then copy it to another page. You can then set that “bloc” to be linked to the other one and any changes are reflected across them. It’s very handy.

It would be an awesome addition to Blocs.


Which systems is that?

Thanks @PeteSharp. Please let us know what system you use to do that. It sounds almost exactly what we need.

Just hit another instance where I need this. I really hope this is built into Blocs one day.

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Is there any news if this feature will be implemented?

I’m used to having this in Wordpress and I might have to go back to it for a project use it just because of this feature not being in Blocs.

I need to be able to switch out images & links (sections) on eventually hundres of pages.

With global elements it takes less than a minute. Without I don’t even want to imagine :sweat_smile:

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I agree - this is something many have asked for a lot and one I would love to bring into my projects moving forward as something I have used in the past. We are seeing global changes with classes, colours and footers and headers…so I would love to see this as the next step if possible @norm!

How I see this working:

  1. A bloc is created anywhere on the website that the user wants it to be replicated on the website.

  2. This bloc is given a global ID like : global1 (then 2, 3 , 4 etc…)

  3. On another page you want this bloc to mirror - you drop the new global copy bloc that @Norm (will) has created !!! - which has no sizes or styles but purely is a bloc you drop it and give it the ID: global1copy

  4. The website can have several of these if its large site - example, if a company do a lot of promotions then this bloc can be edited or new photo of a promotion and it globally replicates over where the global copy bloc with that ID is.

  5. But after all the hard work from @Norm creating this slice of wizardry is that developers can make the original bloc with the ID to be fully compatible with Volt from @Jannis and the user can drop some text in for a promotion of new images for a seasonal sale or new members of a board or employee of the year …yes the list is endless ! and BOOM! 1 change on 1 page, replicates throughout the website…@jannis would this be possible ???

@Helen - cut that 4 week all inclusive cruise in the Caribbean to a weekend at Blackpool as Norm has some coding to do ! :rofl: :joy:


You’re already now able to place the same Volt content area on different pages, and when editing on one page, it will automatically be changed on the other pages. So nothing has to be added there for Volt CMS, it already works.


Fab - to be honest, never tried that !!! just created a section to be edited and then logged into other pages to edit them - never knew changing it on one would replicate through others.

I’ll give this a go ! - any tips? or replicate that bric on other pages and it will work?

Just use the same content area name in the Volt CMS content bric settings.

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I’ve tried that - by mistake!
Works well.