Golden Kitty Product Hunt Finalist - Blocs needs your vote

Hey everyone, I have some great news. Thanks to all of your support, Blocs has become a finalist in the Product Hunt Golden Kitty awards 2022 under the #NoCode category.

This is a huge opportunity to spread the word about Blocs and get the best Mac website builder in front of many potential new users.

We are up against some larger companies, but I know that won’t stop our community from making some noise about Blocs.

We would really appreciate your vote for Blocs in the. #NoCode category. All you need to do is:

  1. Go here.

  2. Click the upvote button for Blocs.

Thanks again for your time and support!

P.S Just to confirm, all of the votes collected last week, have now been cleared. So we need your vote again to help support Blocs.



It already happened in the morning :slightly_smiling_face:


I vote only if I get the GDPR YouTube 2 click solution.
Just kidding, done.


@Norm gladly done! #blocsrocks


Bumping this as only 2 more days left to vote.

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It’s quite impressive that Blocs 5 is competing as a finalist being the only item in the no-code category to not receive any “Product of - day / week / month”. This could be a real coup happening for Blocs.

Hoping you win. :trophy: :+1: Though being nominated should be a real boost in awareness for Blocs PR and a win already.


A bit late but …:arrow_up: