Google analytics help- tags?

OK I am way over my head now!
My new web site is close and I’m thinking I should add Google analytics before giving it the launch. I’m guessing it will somehow help my SEO by getting on Googles good side. yes/no?
I tried to figure out HOW to do this by piecing together various forum threads and Youtubes then got totally confused when faced with “analytics tags”. I think they’re the new way to do it but I really don’t know. Right or wrong here’s what I’ve done.

I managed to create a Google account, and found the analytics section. It seemed to only offer a “tags” tracking system so I copied that code and pasted it into the Analytics Tracking Code of Projects Settings.—

Of course this is all gibberish to me but I noticed the word “window” in a few places and wonder if this only works on Windows PC, not Mac.

Am I good to go? Thanks for any help or suggestions. Barry

It should just be a case of flicking the switch and watching the results with Google. Certainly this can work on a Mac and Google won’t even necessarily know or care what was used to create the site. That piece of code is platform neutral.

Personally I am not a fan of Google analytics and actually seen my ranking drop when it was used, though others may feel it is useful.

Thanks Flashman.
Really appreciate your expertise and advise. Barry