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Willing to Hire Help: Tags on my site are not visible to Google Analytics or Tag Manager. I already followed the recommendations of the previous post: Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager in Blocs. Yet it was not working. When I contacted Google Workspace they replied that NO tags were showing up on the site…even tho I put the tags on every page in the page settings manager. First I tried the header and footer…that didn’t work…then the header in page setting and on the page towards the top I used the code widget to put it in the body. That did not work either. I know for certain, the code is in the page settings because when I close and reopen the app…the code is still showing.

I am working with a deadline and MUST get this to work…our small non-profit is launching a campaign.

I have a very LIMITED budget…but at this point…I would consider paying for help. I would like to screen-share and show my Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Blocs.

Please Advise!!!

Thank you


Even though I have created the thread you are mentioning, I am afraid I am not in a position to really offer support here as I haven’t been using Google Analytics and Tag Manager for many years now.
StilI, I had a quick look and indeed must confess in the meantime it’s all Greek to me.

However, I found this video which seems to cover the essentials: Google Tag Manager Tutorial for Beginners (2020) - YouTube

Following the steps in the video and retracing these in your project might be a way to lead you to the missing piece.

Hope it helps…

Maybe you just need a little patience.
I also just startet working with Tags and Google Ads. First the Tags didn’t show, but 1 day later they did.
Google Ads tells me it works now, but to be honest I have to trust them, cause I don’t know how to test it.
If you @LumerianMedia are able to check, here is the link to my Page with Tags:

cheers, Ben

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@ area49
Thank you for responding…I have followed both of those tutorials…

the problem seems to be with the BLOC interface…somehow I have to enter it differently.

Again, much appreciation for your reaching out.

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@ benfluri
Thank you for your encouragement, Ben.

I have been at this for more than 2 weeks…trying this and that. I am fairly comfortable with new apps and it is a mystery to me why I can’t get it to work.

I went to your page, Ben…of course I can’t see the ‘invisible’ tags…the question is HOW did you enter them into Blocs?
If this were a wordpress site or dreamweaver…I could enter the code in the appropriate place…but blocks is different…no way to see the entire page ‘in code’ …that I know of.

Much appreciation for your reaching out.

but you know, you can enter your code using the code editor?
here’s the article in the knowledge base:

I entered them in the correct section using the code editor. No need to see the entire page “in code”.

Thank you for your response and link.
However…that does not solve the problem…as that is EXACTLY how I entered the code.

I appreciate your kindness.

I use this on my clients websites. Easy to implement without any problems.


Thank you for the tip. That will work very well for some of my sites…but not this one as our non-profit was granted an ad account with google ads that works with google analytics. However for some of my other sites where privacy is a must, that is a great solution. All the Best…Thanks!

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