Google Font href link

Although my project has been created with google fonts disabled. Local fonts only.
I am still getting exported files with a link. My css has the same font as @font-face.
link href=‘,600,800,300&display=swap&subset=latin,latin-ext’ rel=‘stylesheet’ type=‘text/css’

Could this somehow be the problem? Has anyone experienced this? I am in Europe so this is a big problem.

I thank-you

Don’t know why that happens to some people. I never experienced that.

I have experienced it before. But I never figured out why.

This could be happening in an addon Bric? This was a common and frequent problem in the RW community where some developers would load up multiple fonts or icon sets in the expectation that RW users would use them, instead of using the page default fonts.

Without a link it’s impossible to diagnose what’s happening.

Yes I also thought the same. I am using Card Designer, but I am using the Lato font. Not Open Sans.
I went through the whole project and found nothing.

I used the transmit editor and deleted it all. Did a link check and also inspected the site with Firefox and there are no errors without the href link.

Just need to remember in the future after updates I need to redo this delete.

Any change you have used ‘Combine all CSS’ in the export settings and reversed at some stage? :thinking:

Yes Jerry I did. To debug, I unchecked it all, but still no change. It is too bad because the href is not needed for the site to function. But I still have not given up :slight_smile:

I suspect this to be the troublemaker. I’m having a similar issue on a site which refuses to disappear.

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Same problem. I have deleted all Google fonts and am now reading them locally into my project. Unfortunately, the link to Google remains. Project was created with Blocs 4 and now developed further with Blocs.

Is there already a solution or do these links have to be deleted manually from the code?

Sorry I gave up and removed them by hand with a code editor.
I think that my problem maybe that I started with google fonts and switched over to local fonts later in the project.

I’m currently having the exact same problem with a project. The project started years ago with Bootstrap 4 and integrated Google fonts. Today it is a Bootstrap 5 project without Google fonts (only local fonts). But the pages are still exported with the Google link, not even using the same font anymore.

It’s a bit annoying, but I delete the links manually. Or is there already another solution for this?

This may help

Thanks. That’s the weird thing, I’ve already searched the CSS and the font isn’t used anywhere anymore.

Ha, I think I found the error :face_with_monocle:, as I said, nothing can be found in the exported CSS, but in Blocs, the deprecated Google font was assigned to one of the headlines via the sidebar.

I’ve exported the project again, and yes, the Link is gone now in every page. :grinning:

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This was a big problem for me with Blocs 4. I believe that I resaved my project with another name and the problem went away.

Also, you can use Bunny Fonts
Maybe it is possible to integrate to Blocs App?