Google Fonts and Classes (Font Won't Change)


Will you please look at my screen shot of the Class I made to change the Font on my Navigation? I think I did it right but the font won’t change.

It’s an approved Google Font.



It’s not applying the class because the text is an HTML anchor. The easiest way I found to apply custom class to the text un navigation would be to apply the class name like you have (navigation).
Then open class manager, select the + to add a class

Then type the class name navigation a (the class name you added a space and the letter a [the a is for anchor]), select add class.

You will get a warning message Select no, leave space intact


Now select the and edit the class name navigation a. This should apply the changes to the text in your menu.

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For the Win!

Thanks again! Even going through the documentation I don’t think I could have figured this out oh my own.

Have a great day


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Good tip, thanks!

I’ve used it once before (other project) but now it doesn’t work anymore. A bit of a pity…
But I was surprised an other ‘work around’ did the trick. I used a class for styling the text (nav-text) and then changed the color with Appearance > Colour.

Hope this is helpful to someone.

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