Google fonts and weights

Regarding the Montserrat font:
The bold weights (700,800) do not seem to be working.

I am setting a header font via custom class and there isn’t a visible change when I have the bold weights of 700,800.

Can someone else please test this?


I’m not sure if its the font or a problem. The difference between 700,800 could be hard to see? Some fonts show a big difference and others it’s hard to tell. You can submit a bug to @Norm and ask him to check it out.


Thanks @casey1823

What I meant is that both heavy weights of 700 and 800 do not work with this font.

You can submit a bug report here.

Are you using these as Google fonts or web fonts? If coming from Google you would need to add the appropriate CSS into the Blocs font manager. Personally I always use web fonts.

Thanks @Flashman

I am selecting the font from the drop down menu in the custom class box

OK I just checked this at my end and I see zero difference from 600-900. It’s basically all bold.

At the other end they are all the same from 100 through to 500 and all appear quite slim. My guess is that you’ll need to import the CSS first into the font manager for those other options to become available.

Once installed in the font manager as Google fonts you cannot see what weights were added, but I’m pretty sure I only added two weights, which is reflected when trying to change this in custom classes. Those screenshots above were purely for illustration, since I always use web fonts.

Thanks for helping @Flashman

Can you instruct me on where exactly to import the google font css for those weights. Still learning :grinning:

It’s all pretty well explained here

Perfect. Thanks again