Google fonts in countries where google is blocked

So i am making a website and I like some of the fonts Blocs provides with Google fonts. My question is that if I choose a Google font for a headline or so and this website must be viewed in a country where Google is blocked… will the website still show the Google font? or will it changed? and to what font?


Browsers will show default system font unless you provide fallbacks in your stylesheet. For many people this is something like Times New Roman or Helvetica depending on your OS.

It’s called a font-stack.

Basically a list of font’s that are can be potentially used (in order). if the first font isn’t available browsers move to the second font in the stack.

People generally go with alternate fonts that look similar to the one they really want. example. I might want Libre Franklin as my font, but if it’s not available the fallback might be Helvetica. and then Arial and so Sans.

The font for what I described above looks like:

font-family: "Libre Franklin", Helvetica, Arial, Sans;

Download the fonts from Google or elsewhere and host them locally on your server. They’ll probably download as .TTF. You also want Woff and Woff2 that can be obtained by converting from the TTF. That should solve your problem with being blocked.