Google Maps API

Hi, when you create a website for your client, do you embed google maps with the API option? When it is not a private site but for example a book shop or similar…

I don’t know the answer to your question, because I’ve never used it, but are you aware there is a perfectly good free bric alternative on the Blocs store?

Well, unless you use static maps the api key is a must, google maps won’t work without.

However to NOT add your own api key, make the client create one instead because it is NOT free, meaning, after an x amount of maps loads google will start charging fees.
It’s many thousand loads but if you where to add your key (say with a wildcard allowance) then after a few websites you suddenly do have a couple thousand hits and will get bills from google

So, that’s basically the only thing to consider when it comes to maps api key.

Also considering modern privacy concerns I try to use less google and more other services which are less aggressive in tracking user behaviors - but that is another topic :wink:

First hit: