Google Maps like YOU want


Hi there,

i found this nice website where you can easy style Google Maps the way you like. Many different color-themes are given and the rest is under your control. I think this is very useful to make the maps look like the rest of the style :wink:
I hope you like it too.


Looks very simple and quite useful! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks! Thatโ€™s great.


Useful indeed. Thanks!


I first came across snazzymaps in a rival web development application - Sparkle (not as simple as Blocs, but still quite good). They appear to have incorporated Snazzymaps in their map widget. Basically, add a map and then choose from over 150 colour themes from a drop-down menu. It would be really great if this feature could be added to Blocs. I believe the plugin is open source and can be made a part of any web development app. Maybe @norm could take a look at consider this addition for the future!