Google Search Console Help!

Do we have anyone who has good knowledge of Google Search Console and able to assist on some issues I have going on and its driving me crazy!!!

I do not want to post publicly here too much but basically In the blocs project settings I set the website with www. and added my .htaccess and submitted sitemap etc and then google search console came back with lots of problems with pages not being able to be indexed.

I changed this straight away and took the www. off the project settings, submitted the sitemap again with no www. in the URL.

Now it’s missing pages from the indexing, and good is showing pages without the www. which is working fine but showing some pages with www. still but when you click on the link its sending to the home page.

So for anyone who can assist I will greatly appreciate this.

Why not ditch www completely?

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I have done after the errors started! but its showing half with half without, and the ones that aren’t its trying to find and the ones that have its also finding and the ones that aren’t, its linking to pages that have nothing do with the page title! and each day emails with 404 errors, tag errors when I click what google are asking me to do to fix it - just get more errors !

  1. Ensure Blocsapp has the correct prefix you want to use in the project settings
  2. Use this and check all variants of the website and ensure they redirect to the preferred prefix
  1. Ensure the sitemap uses the correct prefix, i.e ‘
  2. Ensure the robots.txt points to the correct sitemap, i.e ‘

You can check what is indexed by going to GSC > Indexing > Pages and from there you can click the button in the top left below ‘Page Indexing’ and you can ensure that all submitted pages in the sitemap are indexed, and can also filter them and click view data of indexed pages.

Edit: As Pete also said, check the .htaccess file to see if you have anything to do with redirect to https:// or https:// on also

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Revert to your original htaccess file.

Always back it up before making any changes lol

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Thanks @Brocky120 & @PeteSharp

I have done all this - but somethings not playing game, unless I am clicking on something totally wrong!

I have always had quick results page indexing and doing changes in search console, but this time its causing grief on these 2 sites.

Have you tried validating the pages, then submitting them manually?

Hi @Flashman

Yeah done all that. The pages indexed are showing as www. which everything is telling them not to be - but when you click on the pages that they find in google, no matter what page I click on, it sends to the home page !

That redirect script does that, but then in a few days Google generally updates their indexes after visiting your site. If you want to ensure pages go from www to https:// immediately you will need to specify the pages via htaccess. I am pretty sure the book you have will explain how to do that.

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Fab - I will keep trying!