Got a problem with the Assest manager, image no open. Please help, thanks!

Hi! I don’t know if someone has the same problem, hope any of you can help. thanks

I made a website and closed Blocs, then I wanted to change a picture for another one. I open Blocs and click on the picture I want to replace, the Assets Manager will not open so there is no way to change the picture. ( this is the MAIN problem)

I closed Blocs and open it again. I click on the image I want to replace and the now the Assets Manager opened but when I click on + add a new image the image that it should be added into the Asset Manager will not be opened, instaed a random image ( already in the Assest manager ) will appear but with the name of the image I wanted to use.

I am using Mojave last update, Blocs 3.5

Any help? thanks :slight_smile:

Hello? anyone please?

Hello? Anyone had similar problem before? thanks guys!

That’s a strange one and without the benefit of a first coffee this morning I am struggling to think of any clever ideas. I would send in a support request with as much information as possible

Already did… if Blocs’s team can solve this problem maybe it will be better to post it here so people have similar problems can know :slight_smile:

@Norm :pray: