HY there everyone,
Sorry about my English, but I’m from Austria/Vienna and my English is not the best.

I just found this Incredible piece of Software and began playing around with it and thought WOW why did I hustle around for so long when it can be so Easy to build a Website.

And then suddenly I came to a point where I can’t find a conclusion!
Here in Europe, you are not allowed to track via Google Analytics until the visitor gives you by clicking the button the permission to do so!
Now the “Cookie Consent” is really cool, but the Tracking is active currently the User is on my Site if he clicks or not.
Well, I know I could make a WordPress Site where I have the Tools to get this running correct, but I was just asking if there is a way without it?

Thanks for your thought and help in advance.

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The Cookie Consent bric that comes with Blocs is not at all GDPR compliant, as you already noticed.

You’d need to either use a tool that does not use cookies for website analytics, like e.g.

Or a cookie consent solution like e.g.

There are of course a lot more, I just picked these two randomly.


I use Plausible Analytics for many customers. It‘s very easy to install.

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I’m using Matomo. If you install it on your own server it’s free.