Gradient in option select bric Blocs 3

For some reason when I add the option select bric there is a black/white gradient in the selection bar.
I have tried many things to get rid of that gradient to get a normal white background which is in line with the rest of the form, but nothing seems to work.

Maybe I am missing something but any help is much appreciated.

Hi, can you post a screenshot?

Of course.

Eldar, now we are discussion the option select bric anyway I have experienced the following.
When I use this bric on different pages, with different purposes I still get the same values throughout all pages. This implies that you can only use this bric once per site. i don’t think this should be the case.


You can add a custom class .form-control to the class manager and change some things, but I am not sure about gradient. I will research online to see what I can find!

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here the code for removing the Browser Styling of the dropdown.

You have to give your drophown an id (here dropdown01) and then adding the following code to the Code section in the page settings.


Hi Webplus, thanks a lot this helped!

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