Gramerly and Blocs

I have just been discovering the assistive writing apps like prowriting aid and Grammarly and loving the straight to press confidence they bring to my posts, emails and messages. But writing snippets cutting them and pasting them into Blocs is painful and slow.

Is there any way Grammarly could be incorporated into blocs?

Grammarly is checking this blog post as a type and has removed several embarrassing mistakes in the last minute.

For all of us small business owners who need to get content out quickly and love blocs for this it would be a godsend.


To the best of my knowledge the answer is no at present. Since you are on a Mac you already have the option to write text in Pages or other apps with the built in grammar checker enabled if you wish. From there you could copy paste to Blocs. In theory this could be added to Blocs as a native feature, however it might have some impact on performance.

Yeah your right but cutting and pasting every text element is a right chore, every title, every keyword, every alt text, page name.

And then when you look at the page you realise you’ve written too much for one section so back to the word processor goes a whole section.

Check as you type may not be necessary but a site wide sweep on a menu before publishing - that would be amazing. I can’t be the only one who gets emails about spelling mistakes that made it past vetting. Especially as the only way to easily share with remote proofreaders without risking versioning problems is to just publish it.

A lot of people would be developing their content outside of blocs, and for a lot of us, the customer is supplying it. So I’m not sure it will ever be an option, but you never know.

I use the Grammarly free app. It is a pain the copy and paste text but it works a lot better than anything Apple has.