Guess who is on the new BundleHunt?

The New Year bundle from BundleHunt has a good surprise !

For those (as I am) not satisfied with the (although 1 minute) deactivating reactivating Blocs on their computers each time they go out and wish a second licence.

Amongst other apps, Mail Archiver X, a good opportunity to test it. I haven’t yet but might be a good alternative for archiving and searching emails because IMAP client always return partial results from my experience.

You also have PathFinder, Textpander and more.

Since I subscribed to Setapp, I first look for available apps before buying. The Setapp annual fee is covered 50% by the 4 apps I had subscribed to and I use 18 other apps for which I bought lifetime license but will be upgraded for sure within next 2 years.

So I also recommend Setapp. By the way, if you use my referral link, you get a free month… and me too :wink:.

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Higly recommended tool. I’m using this now for years and it has saved me several times.

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I’m “making my arms on it” but it is not evident. I already had few crashes when archiving on an external SSD with messages popping up “database error”… had to force-quit.
And just archiving one IMAP account !

Hope it gets better archiving to the internal SSD.