Gutters everywhere?

I do not know if this is a bug, so I’ll ask if anyone knows the problem:

Since my 3.2.1 update, all of my Carousel galleries suddenly have gutters (turned on). I can fix that - but only with the blocs I did not duplicate before…that means…I can no longer edit duplicated blocs… If I try to delete one of these, the layer-navigator jumps back to the origin block (especially when i try to remove the gutters) and the program under mojave 10.14.3 crashes.


Gutters are now turned off at the row level. Full width removes the padding, you still have the control on the row for greater customisation.

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Do you get the same results in a new project. I do not.

No I don’t…in this case I’ve to rebuild all my room-categories because I only can edit the origin bloc right? I’ve never had this problem in blocs before and this Site was built in blocs 3.0 and up :upside_down_face:

Ok - Now I’ve rebuild the categories…The problem now is that I can not delete the old blocs - if I click on it, it jumps back to the first bloc. When I try to erase it manually in the overview over the trash symbol it also clears the first bloc? If I put a picture in the new bloc 1 he loads the picture in all other copied blocs? Actually I’m sitting on the simplest things hours since I’m working with blocs 3 and up just to find out how to fix them on all my pages.

If I understand your issue correctly, I’ve had experience of blocs refusing to be edited, or moved, or copied. Not carousels, just simple stuff.

I had one just last week which refused to accept its padding being changed. Since my website homepage is made up of identical blocs with different content, it was easy enough to duplicate a ‘good’ bloc, paste the ‘bad’ bloc’s content into it, and then delete the ‘bad’ bloc.

Though once I had to delete an entire page and start again.

I’m no expert (as forum members will already know) but my guess is that some bits of code get broken somehow, and screw up whichever element they are in.

Not a solution, I know, but that’s how I dealt with it!

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Thank you for the info :wink:
In the end I had to rebuild the entire page. I could not find out why.
Currently I had that problem not only on one page :thinking: