H6 bottom-margin problem


Does someone have an idea why it is impossible to get an 0px bottom-margin ?

If I can avoid an add (and having to do) for each Hn in right frame (right-frame x doesn’t works as on vid, ok 0),

As on vid below,

  • tried with a style (supposingly prior on right frame, no ? Even with !important, in vain),
  • tried also with code Editor (supposed to be prior an absolutely all, also in vain)…

Ed. Did same with blank project, also doesn’t works ; I suppose my way-to is wrong, or obligated to change each time in right-frame ?


I have come across this so many time, I just end up making a new… and deleting the old one.
I too hope it gets some attention.

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Ok thank you.

Set the spacing margin to 0 not X.

X removes the Bootstrap utility class from the element. But Bootstrap also has a default margin values set on the typography.

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Yes it is what I did finally, but i’d prefered a single H6 styled (as for others Hn) rather than having to do for each of them. Thanks.

Create a class styled in whatever you need then?- apply to all your H6’s and BOOM the magic happens! :magic_wand:

If you mean as on the upper vid with Code Editor (if I understand well) , doesn’t work.

The Bootstrap class .mb-4 is being applied to the tag by default, which is setting the margin.

If you wanted to set the margin on all the h6’s without removing the spacing each time, you could target with selectors, but since the Class Manager decides to turn the h6 tag to a class when doing this, you have to add this to the code editor instead. (which also means you do not see it on the design canvas.)

This is not the ideal way to do it, but it’s the usual work around… roundabouts. Really you just want to change the spacing in the side panel. Ideally we would have robust theme options like a lot of other apps to set all this up globally. :pray:

h6.mb-4 {margin-bottom: 0!important;}

The X button should remove all the spacing classes, but it doesn’t. Weird. go figure.


Actually you can do it in the class editor, but lets use the .bloc class to stop the h6 tag changing… so do this… (preserve the space after .bloc)

CleanShot 2024-05-18 at 23.07.42@2x


GREAT it works perfect. Thank you very much. I’ll have a massive gain of clicks (several basic templates), especially with the fact that you have to go each time for each Hn to smallest responsive size to define the value to get it universal, for each Hn… ( Personnaly don’t understand at all this approach, why not only the default largest size until changes in others responsive sizes, btw. )
Gonna look with your eplanation which variants for others Hn.

Ed. In fact just verified, it works but you have to go to XS (bug?), then it’s effective with no margin, just a little one staying prior :


…To “close”, If it interests someone passing though to get the logic (as for padding) :

Thanks @PeteSharp , would be unable to know this, nothing about this visible in Saf’s inspector.