Hamburger Menu on iPad


I noticed that the hamburger menu on the Hero bloc, on iPad settings only, is not aligned correctly as opposed to the desktop and iPhone settings. I can see that it is too far to the right, almost on the edge of the screen. I would like to edit that setting but I find it seems a little over complex to adjust. I believe it will be in classes, but I do not want to affect the other two settings, that being, desktop and iPhone, as they are perfect.

Anyone have suggestions for this?
Thanks in advance.


Hi @Fourier

Yes, you can use custom css to set that in table & phone view.
You can adjust #nav-toggle {margin-top:?; margin-left: ?}
Just create a custom css file (mysite.css, or whatever you want to call it ) using a text editor & put it w/ your project file.

#nav-toggle {margin-top: ?em/px; margin-left: ?em/px} Choose whatever units you want and try different values, till you get it how you want it. I would suggest viewing in actual device or iOS Simulator, as the layout can behave a bit different in the real device.

Then under Page > Settings add a Header File Attachment (the css file you created).
You’ll probably have to save the project & restart Blocs to see any settings take effect.

Have fun.



I’ve fixed this. All toggle menu icons have been fixed up for the next beta release (Monday)


Hi Bill

Thank you for the help. Sorry for the delay in replying. If the update is coming out, perhaps I can just wait now…

Thanks Bill


Thanks Norm, Monday, as in February?


I downloaded the Beta from 11 days ago, and see it was not put in that version. So if I understand, you have now added that since for the upcoming Beta.


yeah slight delay, Im just getting it ready for today.