Hamburger on mobile devices does not react


I’m new to blocs and created my website which works fine on desktop size. The hamburger button in mobile device does not react. So it does not show the menu at all. Also the lightbox on the pictures are not reacting (both on desktop and mobile!).

Is the a solution for this problem? thanks a lot!!!


Welcome to Blocs Community!

It would be helpful if you share a URL of your website, so we can take a look at it. It’s difficult to tell what’s wrong without checking it out.

thank you!!

is this the correct way to export the website?

Yeah, the export settings shouldn’t affect the mobile menu or Lightbox issue.

I can see the problems on your live website, and I can try to fix them if you send me a project file via PM.

Hi Eldar,

do you need the zipped folder with everything in it? it is 55MB. so I can not send it via this way…

I will need to do some extra amendments later on on the website. is it possible to do so after you have revised it?

many many thanks!


Yeah, just send me the project. I just want to examine it to find out what’s causing the issue. (1.7 MB)

thank you Eldar!

Everything is working fine. Hamburger menu is opening and the lightbox is working. Maybe it’s something to do with your computer or browser. Have you tried using a different browser.

thanks a lot!!! I worked on it, using all the different advices I could find here.