Header Carousel Edge to Edge (change images for short videos)

Hello good afternoon,
I am using the Header Carousel Edge to Edge, to manage sliders with images without problem, now I need to change 1 slide for 1 video in mp4 format and its size is 3.2Mb, has anyone done it and can guide me on how to do it? What I’m looking for is the sequence of slides:

slide 1= 1 image
slide 2= 1 video
slide 3= 1 image

Thank you so much for help me.

Blocs doesn’t support this directly, however, if you are familiar with Bootstrap you could use the code widget Bric that comes with Blocs and add a coded version of your carousel and switch out the slides manually.

You would need to do a little extra work with assets, it may be easiest to use hosted assets to add the asset links.

I’m not 100% sure Bootstrap 5 carousel supports videos, it’s not mentioned on their docs, however, there is likely to be some examples online of others who have figured a way around this.

I hope this helps.

Add a video to a Carousel in Blocs 5

Embedding a video using custom code. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Add a Carousel to your page by dragging the Carousel bloc from the sidebar and dropping it onto your page.
  2. With the Carousel selected, click on the blue plus icon to add a new slide to your Carousel.
  3. In the slide, add an HTML widget by dragging and dropping the HTML widget bloc from the sidebar into the slide.
  4. Double-click on the HTML widget to open the code editor.
  5. In the code editor, you can paste the HTML code to embed a video, such as an iframe or HTML5 video tag, depending on your video source and desired video player.
  6. Customize the video code and settings as needed, including the video source, width, height, autoplay, etc.
  7. Close the code editor and repeat the process to add additional video slides to your Carousel.


Please, I have stopped at this step, when trying to add the HTML widget it does not let me add it inside the slide only outside, as shown in the image, so I cannot integrate it into the slide, your help would help me a lot. favor