Help building website

Hi, I created this website using Blocs and now I need the help of a good developer to make it responsive and optimize it to have best performance and best result. You can check my zip file that contains Figma Design Video, Figma Design PDF and Blocs Website that I made.
Check my archive: 46.89 MB file on MEGA

I have small budget to make these improvements, so check this if you have some free time and you want to earn some cash to help me completing this project! I want to be honest about my limited budget to avoid wasting any of you time.

Your google score is not that bad really (not that google is all that matters, but it’s a good reference point on what you can improve)

Save your money. Follow the links and tips concerning your accessibility and seo and you should be golden. Oh, and maybe care for the top left image on your site. You’ll see what I mean when you reduce the screen size. And you could work on the positioning, because it looks oddly when you reduce the window width.

Other than that… nice looking site.

PS: And instead of the 47mb file you could’ve just linked your site here. :wink:

Thanks for your feedback, but I need help to make all responsive in the better way