[HELP] I need an Upload option in Contact Form

Hello Community!

I try to have an upload file option in my contact form, something simple, just 1 files. I just need the “system” autorize only picture files (.jpg .png etc).
It could be a button to search the file, or a drag an drop zone.

Thanks for your help !

I think this is not possible in blocs. You will need a database. Maybe you can use an external add-on. Unfortunately i didn’t use that in my websites.

@RME is correct. There isn’t a file upload option in Blocs at present. Such an option will require a script that can handle uploaded files - the script will have to know what to do with the file uploads. In dedicated forms processing scripts, they can be configured to either store the file somewhere on your server, or simply send the file as an attachment to the email you receive. It’s probably best to use a third party form handling service that allows you to create the form online (with an associated file upload field). You will then be able to grab the code for the form from such a service and paste the code into an HTML bric inside your blocs project. This will display the form and direct the results to the online form processor.

I use “Easy Forms” available at:

for this purpose. It is similar to Gravity Forms on Wordpress sites, using conditionals and other sophisticated methods.

There may be many other solutions out there, but this works for me. Not free, but not very expensive either.

Good luck with your project!