Help me please :(((

I am trying to export my site and for some reason it is exporting two of the same files but one is an old version of our site and the other is the new. all of the -1 are the ones that we want. I’ve done exported it a bunch of times changing the presets and it’s happens every time. please help me :frowning:

Hello you’r using a sync folder probably dropbox or something, and you didn’t have finished the synchronization with the server while you save a new export folders, so then you have two or more folders as the server reply with the old folders.
Try not use a sync folder.

I just saved exported it to my local computer and it is still having the same issue.

Head to project settings and remove all project attachments.

There is a bug In 3.4.3 that causes this if a folder is dragged over the blocs design canvas, it’s fixed in 3.4.3.