Help removing shadow from sticky navigation

Hello. I’m trying to remove the shadow from my sticky navigation. When I export and view in the browser, the shadow appears below the navigation on scroll. The end-result I’m trying to achieve is to only have the divider, with no shadow. I’ve tried applying a custom class to the navigation bloc that designates no shadow effect, but it hasn’t removed this shadow. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!


I contacted you via email Will, sorry for the delay. Incase anyone else is interested in the solution.

• Create a class named (.sticky-nav.sticky) uisng the class manager.
• Edit this class in the class editor and set its box shadow to 0.

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Thank you, this worked perfectly. Much appreciated!

Yes, works perfect even with e.g. Opacity.
How can we achieve this for the sticky Hero Navigation?

It should be the same class.

But it isn’t.
Maybe this has something to do with the behavior of the hero nav.
When you scroll down, the hero nav falls down from the top and is transparent first and changes to non transparent.

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