Help Translate Blocs

We just announced on Twitter and Facebook that Blocs v4.2 is translated to French, German and Spanish. We are very excited to reach those who do not speak English and empower them to create great sites and Wordpress themes with Blocs.

Special thanks to @Bootsie @RME @Jannis @wolfganghofer @pumpkin for helping with the German translation and thanks to @hendon52 for the translation into Spanish!

We plan on adding support for more localisations, so if you would like to help please let me know and I’ll invite you to our translation team.

Our plan right now is to get Blocs translated into these languages:

  • Chinese (China, Simplified)
  • Dutch
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese

Other Blocs community members are already contributing, you could help @Eldar with the Russian translation, @brechtryckaert with the Dutch translation or @JDW and @CyberCatfish with the Japanese translation or start on one of the languages we haven’t started yet

We have also added full translation to the Blocs knowledge base, you can access the language flags in the site footer, it may auto switch to the language for you depending on how your browser is setup.

The translations on the knowledge base are neural, which means they are better than machine but not as perfect as human. So if you notice something that could be improved, let us know and we can correct the knowledge base docs in that language!

Finally, we have also been hard at work adding subtitles to all of our Youtube and Vimeo content, which means the videos can take advantage of the translation features offered by Youtube and Vimeo.

We think this is a real milestone moment for Blocs and can’t wait to see how the community will grow from here.

Blocs 4.2 will be released tomorrow as the first beta, we cant wait to see what you all think!

Cheers :beers:



I’d like to create a Belgian/Dutch team and join @brechtryckaert in his efforts to supply you with a solid Dutch translation.


The Dutchies are always the first. :grin: Let me know if you need any help @brechtryckaert.


Another flying dutchmen here, ready to help :slight_smile:


How about some Kiwi slang? :joy:

Anyway, more seriously. That’s awesome @Norm.


Hi @Norm

Just had a look at the Blocs knowledge base and was directly switched to French.

Had a quick look at some of the basic title translations and, sorry to say, they are not really good…

For instance Developers has been translated into “Courtiers Immobiliers” which actually means real estate brokers.

Have you had help from a French native speaker ?


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Like MDS, ready to help the team to perform French translation of the knowledge base, I saw some strange translations…


Yikes! It’s a service that translate it for us using Google’s neural translations. We can correct word to help it learn so I’ll get that sorted.

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Feel free to DM with the ones you have spotted

ok I will do

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That’s now fixed. You may need to hard reload the page to get the fresh translation

I’ve just spotted a typo in the English version. It’s shiny not shiney.

Screenshot 2021-03-18 at 20.53.10


Haha :joy:

I’ll get that sorted

Strange. I just opened a fresh project and it looked correct. I wonder if it was like that in an earlier build and carried through.

No typo in 4.1.1 here. ? weird. I just looked at build 4 and stable.

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It’s possible an earlier beta had that typo and not corrected after saving the project. Just a guess.

EDIT: Just opened some other older projects and they all had the same typo.

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Yeah, it’s now fixed but the placeholder text will be stored in older projects :slight_smile:

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On a very important note @Norm, its Friday here in New Zealand… just saying :angel:


It’ll be UK afternoon time, I plan on checking everything over 1 last time before the beta release :sweat_smile:


This is something I see often with ‘dutch’ translations. ‘We’ (as most of us do professionally) use a lot of english terminology. So let’s see what we (all) can do and bring this great app the (proper) translations it deserves.