Help, website won't load, just spinning wheel

I’ve just done some tweaking to my website in blocs, exported project like normal, uploaded with Filezilla, and I just get the spinning wheel, I’ve tried deleting the files, then reuploading, but still the same.

Does anyone have any ideas please? is the website

Hi @Miaas

Your site loads fine for me in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Vivaldi.
It’s probably a cache thing in your browser.
Try holding SHIFT and reload the site.
Or empty your browser cache.

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Thanks for looking, panic over, can now see it. Was a cache problem, panic set in and all normal thoughts disappeared from my brain lol

Thanks again, appreciate it.

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This might explain whats going on.


Why is there no menu on your Home page? On the Home page I followed the text link to your Blog page and the menu shows on every other page but not the home page? Is the menu missing on the Home page or is just me?