Help with a navigation menu

Greetings to all and happy holidays.

I’m trying to replicate a navigation menu like this, rather to do the same as it is the design authorized by the client

Now I have not been able to replicate the position of the icons, or the button, does anyone know how to adapt the button shown in red? I tried to adapt the icons too, but they do not stay in the position, and when I want to see the previous one in the browser, only some complete icons are shown!

I have even seen that for all the new projects there is a white margin on the whole page, and also when selecting an object it looks half unbalanced !!

Any comment is welcome

It is possible but it does take some work. I played around for a little bit and here’s something close. With all the menu items, icons and a button I made it switch to mobile on the portrait tablet. A lot of stuff for that space.

Here’s an example.


Yes, after a while, I managed to duplicate almost exactly the menu, hiding one for desktop and another for tablets and more but it looks perfceto, I will show you once the page is almost done! Greetings … do you know something about the edge?