Hey guys - please post your Blocs websites!

Hi gang,

I have noticed a slowness of people posting their websites on the “Built With Blocs” page.

We did have a stunning website from @nelo 4 days ago, and i can see many of you have been busy using blocs so get posting!!!

My main reason is, I do LOVE to see what people are doing with Blocs, from simple basic websites to more technically challenging ones, this personally gives me inspiration/ideas for my own projects which are all work in progress at the moment as other than websites I am still trying to save my personal business from collapsing due to covid and praying the government will help out the events sector !!

But other than that, please post, I do think its the one page we all love to visit from time to time.

Cheers all


I’m sorry about the troubles with your business and hoping you can recover quickly.
I did have a few projects in works but in light of the pandemic, my primary work got super busy (everyone trying to fix their computers to work from home).
One thing I do want is to do some refreshing of my job’s website. It’s been about a year since I last posted about this but I would love the advice and some ideas for the next major update.

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Hi Adrian,

I still have a couple dozen of websites to post to BlocsMaster.com’s gallery. I post about 3 new websites each week, but I guess I will just post all of the websites at once.

New submissions are welcome!

Best regards,


You n me both @AdieJAM. Within a day of lockdown 3 decent projects were canned, then nothing whatsoever for 3 months, then picked up, and now nothing!
Still, it helped me get to grips with Blocs a bit more(along with putting on weight and drinking! I was really good at those.)

I’m a good boy, I’ve posted 3 or 4 sites on the other thread :smiley:

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Hi @Eldar

didn’t know there was a gallery of sites built with blocs

do you manage this site? can you please add a category filter.

I was trying to find sites for accommodations is there an extensive list of gallery?



No, it’s not a long list, so I’m not sure if building a category filter is necessary. Maybe in the future when we have lots of websites.

I do manage this website by myself, but I upload only the websites which were submitted via form there. I go through each submission, make sure it was built with Blocs, loads fine, take a screenshot, and add it to the upload queue.


Pingshan Art Museum

The is my first and also paid attempt for a website was done recently done with Blocs. Because of coronavirus, I got a lot of focus time, and decided besides consulting client, might as well getting hands on.

Was really nervous about the whole thing, because I also had to set up a VPS for the upload and overseeing all the copywriting. But Blocs turns out to be a good “visual” tool for me not only to the get the job done but also educated on the many aspect of web design. I am normally a marketing consultant, but having application like these helps a lot in understanding the process in depth to give credible advice and direction to future jobs.

Now I am going deeper with front-end, and really appreciate Blocs serving as a buffer zone tool in between. The layout is Mac enough so it “feels” familiar to work with but unlike sites like squarespace or wix, it also feed you the “fundamental” framework that allows advancement when you are ready to embark on new levels.


Thanks @Eldar for all the tutorials too! Probably watched every one of it twice.



Just published a Blocs site for the ghost Walk I run in Zurich. It features Volt CMS for the news section, and the Swiper and Sticky Alert Brics.


…also, this is a Blocs site I made for my wife who is a yoga teacher. It uses Volt CMS for then blog and the Sticky Alert bric.


Nice and pleasing site. I would reduce the opacity of the sticky menu though:


Yes. The menu may need a rethink on the opacity level.

You can do this just for the collapsed menu by select special navigation background under subclasses in the class manager.

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Thanks, Pumpkin, Malachiman, I’ll take a look.