Hidden Form Fields


It would be nice to be able to add hidden fields to forms. Many self hosted form scripts use hidden form fields to tell them how to handle the form and what to do with the data it contains. My preferred form script is the self-hosted Tectite FormMail script. It’s security features are excellent, as too are it’s anti-abuse and spam detection features. The problem is that the script requires hidden fields to do things like direct users to a success or failure page, list email addresses to where the form results should be sent (multiple email addresses supported). It also uses hidden fields to invoke html and formatted plain text responses, plus a whole host of other things. By including a hidden field bric, we could add all the hidden fields we need to make form scripts work. The form itself would then be submitted to the script URL and the script would do the rest. It shouldn’t be too difficult. The only things that a hidden form field requires is a field name and a value. Of course, it shouldn’t be visible on the web page - it just forms part of the form data that gets submitted.


Yeah, I agree :+1:


Try adding a text field to the form. Then add the following custom attributes:

type = “hidden”
name = “”
value = “”

It’s working great for me. Just watch what you put in the fields - everything has to be percent encoded or the characters might be interpreted as html.


A form validation, human test field would be a welcomed addition as well


Yes, I noticed that the forms in Blocs 3 can now contain custom field attributes, a great improvement. Thanks @norm for listening!