Hide Nav Bar until Scrolling

Hello. How can I hide the Nav Bar until scrolling. I had it working in 4.1.1, and when I updated to the latest version, 4.3.2, it’s not working at all.

It was initially set up as a bric after the Hero page, so it would just appear once you began to scroll, but would not be visible until then.

Now, I can’t get it to work. The bric doesn’t appear at the top upon scrolling, and instead appears as a static bric, under the Hero, and sticks once it gets to the top as I continue to scroll the site.

I can’t understand why the updates since 4.1.1 keeping doing this so I end up staying at 4.1.1

I have to go back to 4.1.1 again after trying 4.3.2 again today, as it still doesn’t work for me.

I recall in Blocs 3 you could set the padding of the navbar to -90px or so and it would hide until scroll. It was a bit bumpy though. To get a smooth scroll you’ll need to add some Javascript. Sample here: How To Slide Down a Bar on Scroll.

Alternatively, SmartNav from @Whittfield could be your best friend.
Super easy to implement into your Blocs file and a dozen of additional styling options for your Navbar.


Thanks Jerry, that might be a solution, although as much as it is great for someone to be earning and creative, I kind of think this should be basic for a web design app? Maybe I am hoping for too much…

In my humble opinion:

  1. Basic is having a Navbar (whether or not sticky)
  2. Navbar animations are a ‘plus’. For this, third party developers step in.
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Thanks Jerry, it always worked for me up until 4.1.1 without ‘plus’, so hopefully I’ll get some help with it.

I think your issue is related to the change in the way the sticky works. It’s now a scroll to sticky, as it should be. Not the previous behaviour. You will need to make some modifications to get the result you would like.

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Thanks for your help M. Yes you’re correct. No idea how it has changed from one to another from just the update. Seems strange. It’s beyond me as I don’t know what to do as I can’t see what changed internally to cause the difference. Shame I can’t fix it.