Hide SideBars - (coming soon)


Folks I know some of you have been after this for a while, so you will be happy to hear Blocs 3.2 (beta next week) will allow you to independently hide the sidebars in design mode.


Good feature. You are really knocking out these new features and it’s easy to lose track of what’s getting added. Doesn’t seem that long ago when Blocs3 was first released.


Nice job.

Those buttons look kind of small and require a lot of mouse travel just when looking at the gif representation. Maybe also having simple keyboard shortcut(s) and right click, to toggle either or both simultaneously might be nice also.


They are based on the ones found in Photoshop (similar size etc).

Yeah I’ll add a bunch of ways to toggle them as well as the chevron buttons.


That’s a great feature. Looking forward to this

Thanks, Norm



Been waiting for this one @Norm


Thank you for this Norm.


Beautiful, thank you so much :grinning:


And with the new modal it’s going to be a nice update


Sure is, another new feature teaser going on social media today :+1:


Looking forward to it! Can’t believe how much great and useful stuff you are including in these small and frequent updates! Nice work!