Hierarchy for applying classes?

I think I’ve worked this out, but just wanted to check…

When applying a class, the settings will be applied to the screen width size as per the edit pane view, and smaller?

So, if the edit view is large, the setting applied to a class will be applied to all the screen sizes. If the edit pane is set to small, the settings will only be applied to small and extra small?

So… If you want one set of settings for a class applied to large and another for all other sizes. You would select large in edit view, apply the required settings, then switch to medium and apply the settings wanted for med-XS?

I have looked over the docs for this, and it seems t be covered, but I just want to be 100% sure I geddit.

The Bootstrap framework can work both directions (min or max media queries), though it’s really designed to be mobile first. It scales upward.

Some light reading.

Perfect. Thanks.