Horizontal menu bar without logo and text?

Can I get horizontal menu bar only? No logos, no slogan (company name). And align it to the center?

You can use the centered Navigation from the Navigation bloc and remove the Logo with cmd + Backspace

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I’ve deleted the logo, but here is an issue. Vertical text aligment is poor (( How can I align it centered vertically?

You have to play a little bit with the padding of the row where the navigation is placed in.

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If I will increase padding attribute, that will increase the whole height of the menu ((( I don’t need it to be so tall ))) Which navbar class sets height control?

Uhh, :worried: Norm, I think you need to add one more bric to your Blocs default collection. Navbar without logo and logo text with vertical centered aligment. I’m trying to us this:

.navbar-nav li a {
line-height: 30px;
height: 30px;
padding-top: 0;

but it doesn’t help ((

I would even go for a simple tick box option that removes the logo without damage to the formatting and spacing if that was possible. More often than not I find no logo is actually required.


or this way, you are right :wink:

Nobody knows???

I’m sure, Eldar knows the solution, but he will not help me and I know why )) He needs to sell his super video course about Blocs.

I found the solution about adjusting height of the navbar menu: create a class, name it as “navbar” and apply height atribute (60px for example).

.navbar {
height: 60px;

But I still can’t align menu items to the center ((( There are some tricks on the web about it, but nothing works in Blocs ((((


WOW! That was very insulting, arrogant and rude. You clearly know nothing about me.

FYI, I have actually spent 10 minutes trying to solve your issue a couple of days ago, before @webplus posted the solution I was going to share.

In any case, I have spent another 20 minutes right now trying to find a solution, and I think I have actually found it.

Add a custom class .nav-center .site-navigation to custom class manager and don’t forget to leave the spaces intact. Then set the bottom margin to -15

I believe you will archive the desired outcome.


P.S. I hope you feel better. :slight_smile:


Eldar, sorry. I was wrong about you. :pensive: Thans for your help. Tried your advice. What will it change? navbar center position? Done everything you’ve written here, but nothing chanched ((

@blocs-user Is this what you are looking for?


Oh, now I see what’s wrong )) I just use another navigation bloc, that includes a logo and alignment of the navbar links to the right by default. I thought that if it’s already centered perfectly vertically, so all I need is to center navbar links, but I couldn’t find a solution for that.

Thanks for video and time you’ve spent for me. I think this trick will be useful for our community at all.

You are welcome! Always happy to help!


Hmm, it’s strange. Appying “navbar” custom class to navigation bloc with centered logo and text has no effect. Only if I set height more then 50px it has effect. I need 30px height of the navbar menu.

Still can’t reduce height of the structure brick with centered links :sob: Eldar, please. help.

Hey, I don’t understand what’s the problem. Is what I am showing in the video suits your needs? Or do you want to archive something different?

Video explains how to align navbar link buttons vertically, doesn’t it? It was usefull for me )) But I need a little more customization of the navbar, its height. By default as I understand horizontal navbar has 50px height. Am I right? I need the height about 35-40px. That’s all :wink: