Horizontal scroll

Where can I find information on how to use ‘Horizontal scroll’ that everyone is talking about? I don’t even know that much.


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Thanks I’ll watch.

I was able to view and set up the arrangement yesterday, but I don’t understand what to specify for its content. What is this intended to represent, and what should I provide for it? Is the unit for arranging inside it columns?

I do not understand what you are asking.

Please add one of the Horizontal Scroll Blocs into your project and see how it works. Or try the new free template called Kaden to see how its used.

I am going on holidays for 3 weeks. All the best.


Hi all,

Had a question on Horizontal Scroll and thought I would add it to this thread rather than start a new one.

First of all, big thanks to @Norm on his work on this by smoothing the scroll out etc - works much better now.

Right one thing I have again got asked by clients and something I have used and thought it’s a pity it didn’t do this…and just today I was on Facebook using a Horizontal Scroll they have and it does 100% what I wanted!

And I have mentioned this before but what I want is when you have say a few items and your are scrolling but clicking the arrows and you get to the last item I want that arrow to vanish and only show the other way. I have took off always show controls and you have to go off and back on for it to work on Blocs and if you only have a single item showing on mobile and scrolling to the right or left then the arrow is showing all the time when at the end.

Can it be created for the arrow to disappear when reaching the end to show its the end.

Several sites I have used recently do this…but not in Blocs.

Cheers !

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Glad it’s working better.

Yeah I should be able to get that working.


Any chance can we get optional AutoPlay with Scroll Speed timing as a Paid for Bric? Would gladly pay for this.

That would need to endless loop kinda like a carousel?

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I guess you couldn’t override this in blocs with loop and auto?

Carousel would be the best for this at the moment.

Would Infinite Slider meet these conditions?

This has been improved in Blocs for Mac V5.2.3 Beta 2, it’ll be available in an hour or so.

CleanShot 2024-03-22 at 15.15.17


Amazing!!! Can’t wait to try it!

Great work @Norm

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Hey @Norm

Want to say a HUGE thank for bringing an easy to use Horizontal Scroll into Blocs - I never knew how much I would be using this and now I do not know how long I managed without it !!!

I have noticed so many huge websites using this style from Apple to Ikea and more.

So this is where I now come in with a post of wanting to see if it could be taken further within the bric itself as I would love 2 options which yes I know can be done with code, but as this is used so much and users are now asking me can we do like apple…etc etc…

1: My most requested thing on the scroll from clients and friends I have test my websites all ask for this for the controls to be together either on the bottom left under the scroll, or bottom right.

2: To have a bar underneath showing when the scroll is at the end etc…now this is not really requested but I do see it on several websites and got me wondering! - a nice basic, thin line like the image and option to add colours.

I know you have said before option 1 is a job for the class editor and Jerry shows a great example of this - and I did manage to move them with some work, but I would really like to see this simplified by selecting it out of the box is possible !???

Thanks @Norm


Cool ideas.

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Brilliant - thanks @Norm

I have managed to move the navigation etc before - but my mind set is what I am guessing you have always had Norm is to simplify as much as possible - this will crossover to the iPad and now iPhone versions and the more this can be done out of the box the easier will be for all users.

This is what I do with using the class editor, and yes it works…but some users would be scratching their heads with this.

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