Hosting, Domain, and SSL Certificate recommendations


I have been using (very expensive) GoDaddy hosting, domains, and SSL security for my Blocs websites for a few years. Hosting and Domains were always ok, but in recent months, I have experienced so many problems with SSL certificates, so I want to move my site to another provider.

I wonder what are the best options out there?

Hello Eldar,

Take a look at is where I have my websites and of my clients.

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Thanks @Pealco
Hope your business is doing great! :slight_smile:

I am quite happy with after going through a string of other web hosts over the years from cheap shared packages through to fully dedicated servers. I have a basic shared hosting account for myself and a separate reseller account for clients. SSL certificates are free and set automatically when you add a domain, making the whole process very easy. It’s fast and reliable.

I wouldn’t use them for domain registration though, unless it is UK based, because their prices for .com etc are expensive. It’s pretty obvious they are not really interested in domain registration as a business.

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Thanks @Flashman

That’s really helpful!

Hi Eldar,

Hostinger is my Hosting Provider. I have a Premium shared account for my sites and a few personal clients. They’re relatively cheap in a lot of their plans plus you can get a lifetime SSL certificate. They have their own custom cPanel so you don’t even have to set up the certificate yourself.
Also, Cloudflare offers free basic SSL that you should be able to add to any host.

Isiah Johnson

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Hi Isiah,

I am currently considering Hostinger as my preferred option.
And, I actually was doing more research on Cloudflare as well. I will probably integrate it with Hostinger’s domain/hosting/ssl solution.

Thanks for sharing!

I use Namecheap. They also provide free SSL and utilises Cpanel interface. They currently offer 50% off first year.

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Thanks for sharing the info! :slight_smile: