Hosting multiple sites and directory structure

Hello, thanks in advance for any direction on this… I’ve got several projects I’m trying to host from a single pub_html folder. I’ve created a subfolder for each project. I get the external requests to go to the correct folder (rewrite via .htaccess) but the page to page links (all created by blocs) appear broken. I’ve tried changing the “project settings” to include the subfolder, which didn’t seem to resolve the issue. Q: Is this structure supported? If so, is there a primer on how to get this functionality to work? I’m not afraid of researching if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks again!

I do this all the time for client projects. Basically I have one domain where each project is uploaded to a separate folder, so if the client is called John I export the Blocs project to

The simple solution to this is leaving the project settings URL blank and then upload it where you like. I don’t have to mess about with .htaccess either, but your needs may vary.

When the site is finished and ready to go live on the final domain I leave those settings blank and it all works as expected, though you would need to put in the URL if you want Blocs to produce a sitemap. I always use Scrutiny for that.