Hover drop down menu with hover navi item also linked to a page

Looking for a tip here: I want to build an “on hover” drop down menu where the navi/link used to open the drop down is also clickable. Take a look at this WordPress site: rehmann.de. Now hover your mouse over the word “NOTARE” in the navi. It will open a drop down menu. But you can also click on the word NOTARE and which is linked to a landing page with an overview of all the items listed in the drop down menu.

This would be nice for a landing page showing an overview of some products:

OUR PRODUCTS (clicking opens product landing page, hover opens sub menu)
> Product 1
> Product 2
> Product 3

So if the user hovers on OUR PRODUCTS the sub menu is opened, but if he clicks on OUR PRODUCTS he goes to the landing page.

This is especially nice for Google where you could have a direct link to an overview (landing page) of all products.