Hover effect with products

Hello everybody. I want to recreate an old website with Blocs. Have a question. Is the hover effect possible? When I go to a product, a window opens on the right side.

Here is the link:

It could very well be possible, if you mess around with the tabbed content bloc. People on this forum won’t be able to give you a very definitive answer because your question is wide and vague. If you play around with the tabbed content and find you need help with a specific problem, then would be a good time to post a question.
To help you out though, I would recommend making a custom class called “tabs” or something, and add it to each tab. On the custom class, set width to 100%. Then constrict the tab container to the left side of the page. This might work, although for smaller screen sizes you may want to keep the tabs on top of the content.

Hope this helps.